With more than 100 wins to its credit, the Honda NSR500 is the most dominant force in modern Grand Prix motorcycle racing.

The Honda NSR500 was a two-stroke V4 racer that almost instantly became the reference for all the other manufacturers competing on the 500cc World Championship - now called MotoGP.
Introduced in 1984, it won 10 out of the 19 racing seasons of its lifespan, at the hands of racing legends like Wayne Gardner and Valentino Rossi, the latter taking his first World title in one.

But it was Mick Doohan that best harnessed the brute force, and alleged bad manners, of the overpowered two-stroke beast - with an engine dubbed the "Big Bang" what else could be expected? - winning five consecutive World Championships from 94 to 98. But not just winning. It was more like crushing the competition with dominant and overwhelming victories in each of those years.
So much so that Doohan was even on record at the time saying that racing had become boring. Boring, he said.
The type of boredom you can only get in a 200hp, 130 kg, 2-stroke, bad-tempered, crotch rocket.

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